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  • Connecting Products to People, with Digital Human Modeling

    • PTC Creo Manikin Extension is a comprehensive digital human modeling solution that will help optimize your product for human-product interactions.

    • Whether you are a mechanical engineer, CAD drafting professional, or ergonomics/human factor analysis specialist, this new module will accelerate your 3D CAD detailed design processes.

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  • Quickly Insert and Customize Digital Human Models

    • Using the dedicated manikin toolbar, you can quickly insert a manikin into Creo and customize it based on gender, nationality, size and other associated variables.

    • Anthropometry support for a wide range of global populations helps you assess and maximize your product’s potential in the global marketplace
    • Manikin libraries are included
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  • Simulate Advanced Human-Product Interactions w/Manikin Analysis Ext

    • Creo Manikin Analysis Extension enables you to visualize, simulate and communicate highly complex human-productworkplace interactions – particularly repetitive manual tasks – earlier in the design process.

    • The result: you can design more innovative products and workplaces that are optimized for people – and deliver them to market faster, with lower product development costs.

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Creo Manikin Ext - Digital Human Modeling: Connecting people to products

Adopting a “human-centric” approach to design is an increasing necessity in today’s competitive market. Designers in the Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Industrial Equipment, and Electronics and High Tech industries need to understand and optimize how their products will be manufactured, used and maintained in order to ensure that products meet customer requirements, are comfortable to use, and possess a competitive advantage. In addition, manufacturers are often required to verify that their products and workplaces conform to health, safety and workplace standards.

Creo Manikin Extension provides the ideal solution because it enables you to visualize, simulate, optimize and communicate these human-product interactions earlier in the design process, helping you save time and reduce product development costs.

Digital human modeling supports a human-centric approach to design by allowing a designer to add a 3D digital human model to their 3D CAD product model. A digital human model – also called a manikin – is an advanced 3D mechanism that provides an accurate representation of human physical characteristics such as size, shape, vision, movement, strength and comfort. The manikin can be customized for a specific gender and ethnic demographic and fully manipulated in real time, thereby helping the designer better understand the relationship between a product and the people interacting with the product, such as a consumer, operator, installer, assembler or maintainer.

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Creo Manikin Analysis Extension is an easy-to-use, powerful add-on to Creo Manikin Extension that enables you to test your designs against a number of quantitative Human Factors and workplace standards and guidelines – early in the product development process. By determining how much force it takes to push, pull, carry or lift your product, you can ensure the task is optimized for the intended target human population. This advanced understanding of human-product interactions will help improve your product development processes.

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See how Creo Manikin Ext helps optimize your product for human-product interactions.

The world wants solutions that are fundamentally easier to use. PTC has the technology assets and the intellectual property to Creo, which solves many of these problems.
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